SAMM handle always… but less and less often!

Steering wheels and other pilot handles are generally quite popular. These orders are always more attractive when they come from a fighter plane and are even more so, for French collectors at least, when they come from Dassault planes. However, the growing interest in these pieces for several years, combined with their limited number despite everything, has led to their rarefaction.

The SAMM handle offered here does not come from the mythical Mirage III but from a Mirage F1 C, which is far from being a handicap!
These parts are sometimes devoid of their identification plates, which is unfortunately the case with this one. Also, for those of you who are not familiar with this type of object, be certain of the origin indicated; informed amateurs will for their part be sufficiently informed by the various photos presented.

The peculiarities of the handle reside mainly on the front face with on the one hand the autopilot disengagement pallet housed in the thickness of the handle and on the other hand the safety system which prevents the complete operation of the trigger once that deployed.

The piece shows normal wear and has therefore clearly been stolen; it is just as obvious that it has also already had a second life, no doubt on a presentation base. This is what the ring located at the base of the piece suggests, which in principle rotates freely around the handle to allow it to be screwed onto the handle. It has been glued here and is therefore fixed. This can only be seen once the handle has been turned over and does not prevent the part from being screwed onto a support. In addition, it should be noted that the button located at the back of the handle head next to the square trim button is present but no longer works.